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7kw Easee EV Smart Charger With Standard Installation

7kw Easee EV Smart Charger With Standard Installation

Excluding VAT

Choose the Easee One!

The Easee One works as both a tethered and untethered charger, so you can decide to leave the cable locked into the charger or store it in your boot. (Cable sold separately).


Beautifully compact

The Easee One is one of the best-looking and most versatile EV chargers available today, while also managing to remain impressively small and discreet.

Dimensions - H256 x W193 x D106mm


Universal charging

Thanks to the Easee One's smart design and app, you no longer need to choose between tethered or untethered EV chargers - the Easee does both! Prefer a tethered charger (cable permanently attached)? No problem, simply plug the cable into the Easee One and lock the cable in via the Easee app. If you want the flexibility of an untethered unit (no cable attached), then just remove the cable, and plug it in at your own leisure.

This also means the Easee One will work with any EV out of the box.

Easee 7.5m branded cable sold separately (£239). Other branded cables are also available from our accessories store.


WiFi and Mobile Data

Easee One connects to the internet through its in-built WiFi connection. This enables over-the-air updates to add new features and make improvements over time. It also includes a 4G mobile connection for improved internet connectivity and reliability.


Choice of colours

The Easee One is available with three colour options as standard: Black, White, and Anthracite Grey

You can purchase other faceplate colours, such as Blue or Red for £35.00 from our accessories store. These faceplates are easily swapped with no professional help.


7kW power output

The Easee One is capable of charging your vehicle at up to 7kW, which will provide around 30 miles of range per hour depending on your vehicle.


Cable security

You can permanently lock your cable into the Easee, removing the fear that someone might remove it.

An Easee branded cable can be bought separately for (£239), or you can buy different branded 5m and 10m cables from our accessories page.


Built-in earthing protection

Some charge points require the installation of a copper earth rod, or alternative device, at your property for safety reasons. But this can also add complexity and extra cost to the job. The Easee One avoids the need for this thanks to its built-in PEN fault detection feature.


Future proofed

Easee One can be easily expanded as your EV household grows by "daisy-chaining" up to three chargers. The Easee One will share power evenly between up to three units on the same circuit, so your EVs get their fair share of charge.


Cyber Security compliant

The Easee One meets the latest standard in EV charger cyber security regulations, which came into force on 31st December 2022.

It means that the Easee One has anti-tamper detection and all-round better data security. Learn more about the regulations in our EV charger cyber security guide.


Full Control – Home or away

The Easee app gives you access to a range of smart features including charge scheduling.


Plan your charging

Charge your EV on your terms. Simply plug in and charge straight away or set up a schedule so your vehicle charges at specific times - for example, when your electricity prices are lower.


Real-time monitoring

See the charge status of your car, monitor your energy consumption and more.


Remote lock/unlock

Concerned about charger security? Don't be - the Easee app lets you remotely "lock" the charger to prevent unwanted use.


Cable lock/unlock

If you want to set up your Easee One as a "tethered" device and keep the cable (sold separately) in place, you can lock it in place using the Easee app. Alternatively, unlock the cable to store it in your car boot or home.


Over-the-air updates

The Easee app is regularly updated with improvements and new features, so your Easee product gets better and better over time.

  • No, but the Easee One has a universal socket which will work with a Type 1 cable and therefore a Type 1 electric vehicle. This is because the Easee can operate as both a tethered (cable attached) or untethered (socket only) charge point.

    If you have a Type 1 vehicle, simply order a Type 1 EV charging cable, and plug it into the Easee and your vehicle.

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