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Fire Alarm Test

Fire Alarm Test

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  • If you decide to get the Fire Alarm Testing carried out, there are a few ways you can help by preparing before an electrician arrives.

    • Your electrician will need access to your fire alarm panel and access to all detectors on the system.
    • If it’s our first time visiting you, we may need guidance from someone that is familiar with the building to point out anything unique to your system or to gain access into any locked rooms where detectors may be present.
    • Your electrician will need access to any existing site plans and test logs so please have these readily available if you have any existing records.
    • Please make staff aware that the testing is due to take place to avoid any false evacuations.
    • If your system Is a monitored system, please make sure the responsible person or external monitoring company has been notified that the testing is taking place.
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